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-   Are you tired of yet another sleepless night wondering why your life is not the way you want it to be – despite your best efforts?

-       Are you sick of spending your precious time & money trying to build the life you desire, only to meet with yet another road block?

-       Are you frustrated with not being able to help others, including your family, because life keeps kicking you in the butt?



I know what it’s like to slam headfirst into life’s roadblocks…

-       I used to wonder what I was doing wrong, despite putting forth my best efforts!

-       I was a positive thinker, a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, and tried to maintain a happy, positive outlook – but still, I was getting nowhere fast in achieving my greatest goals and dreams!

-       After years of bashing my head against Life’s roadblocks, I considered wearing a helmet! It would’ve been funny if it wasn’t so sad!

But once I discovered how to build a strong, powerful foundation for myself, my life transformed faster and easier than I thought possible.

Brain StormImagine!


-       Waking up every morning knowing your best efforts really had paid off!

-       That because you are now creating and living the life you want, you can choose to spend your time on your passionate projects that you truly care about, and enjoy life the way you’ve always dreamed about!

-       Because you are now living the life you love, you can share your abundance, happiness, and joy with your friends and loved ones!

The secret? A rock solid and simple 3 step personal foundation builder that kicks in immediately and allows your “house” to endure any storm life can throw at you!

-       After painstakingly researching the Law of Attraction, I knew that “like attracts like.” In other words, to live your dreams, you have to first feel your dreams are already here, now!

-       But even though my dream life was already here, I knew in my heart something was missing – something important!

-       Then one day something inside of me clicked, and suddenly I finally understood what it took to build my rock solid personal foundation - the foundation that allowed me to build my very real dream life!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Find Inside My 3 Step Personal Foundation Builder…

-       Amazed at the powerful, unstoppable, quick transformation my discovery created in my life, I was inspired to write my eBook, The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process to manifest Positive & Permanent Change In Your Life.

Here’s what you’ll learn within the pages of this exciting eBook…

-       The very real, easy and do-able basics of incorporating each of the 3 core pillars/principles necessary for the rock solid foundation you need to build your life on.

-       Simple affirmations and “how to” instructions to keep your life’s foundation standing strong for the ages!

-       A bonus step to solidify and fortify your personal foundation forever.

Christy Whitman Christy Whitman, NY Times Bestselling Author & CEO Quantum Success Coaching Academy

"As a long time practitioner and teacher of the Law of Attraction, as a coach, and a business owner, I love the practical, simple, and totally sound principles taught in The 3 Pillars by Karl Gruber! It will help you build the very necessary, rock solid personal foundation needed to manifest what you desire, be the 'cement' to build your foundation, eliminate the frustration of trying to use the Law of Attraction successfully, and then create the life you truly want."

Melissa Hagmaier Melissa Hagmaier, Elementary School Teacher, Columbus, Ohio

"The 3 Pillars is a simple explanation of how priorities in our life help us create balance.  It's the message that having a strong mental, physical and spiritual sense of self can truly help us live the lives we want.  Thanks, Karl, for a great breakdown!"


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-       The fact is if you keep doing what you’ve done and gotten unsatisfactory results, you’ll continue to have what you’ve always had – unsatisfactory results.

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